Power MP3 Cutter 6.2

CooolSoft (Shareware)

Power MP3 Cutter is an audio tool that enables users to trim audio files into clips. This program is developed by CooolSoft and released on July 2006. Users may cut or trim audio files from longer or bigger WAV and MP3 audio file formats. Users may also convert from WAV to MP3, and vice versa. This program also features batch processing or batch conversion of audio files. This program also supports wide range bitrate support from 32 kbps to 320 kbps.

Power MP3 Cutter also features some customization options. It has Fade functions support that enables users to add fade-in and fade-out effects to the output file or converted file. It also features a spectrum analyzer support. This enables users to search and find the right audio segment position while the audio is on playback mode. It also features unselected segment output support that enables users to export unselected audio file segments as target path.

The program has a grey user interface with neon green buttons for the playback controls. A seeking bar at the top of the interface allows user to quickly find the position in an audio file. The interface also has a Source File Info box showing the file name, file type, bitrate, channels, and length. The Selected Segment Info box shows the beginning and ending position of a selected segment. It also shows the length of the segment.