Power Manager

Verdiem (Proprietary)

Power Manager is a system utility designed to assist users in managing their computer’s energy consumption to achieve better energy efficiency and save on resources. It is designed for companies and businesses utilizing large numbers of computers, such as business process outsourcing companies, telecoms, and international customer service companies. With this tool, business managers can manage their computers from a central location. This application also makes it easy for IT personnel to monitor and build an inventory of all computers and organize this according to department, account group, and specific location.

Once installed, this application will automatically detect all network-connected devices and organize these according to set attributes, such as IP/subnet, operating system used, and Active Directory. Once all devices are detected, the application will then establish the power consumption for each device, with estimates that are based on model-specific wattage information available in the application database. It can then come up with a total estimated power consumption data. Users can calculate energy costs based on standard energy rates.

Business managers can then use this information to come up with power management policies for each department based on the user activities. These policies can be entered into the program, which would then calculate the savings that can come from the implementation of the policies. Using Power Manager, business managers will be able to reduce energy consumption and save on resources.