Power Commander 3 USB Control Center Software 3.2.1

Dynojet Research Inc. (Freeware)

The Power Commander 3 USB Control Center is an application used in conjunction with the Power Commander fuel injection system USB device. The USB gives users a full range of fuel adjustment for their motorbikes. The Control Center lets users access to the device’s features and options that allow them to adjust and fine-tune the fuel injection system.

The main screen of the program displays the notes and the map retrieved after connecting the USB device. The unique serial number of the USB can also be seen below the Power Commander logo. This application provides users with several features, including the following:

• Environment Options – this may be accessed from the Tools menu. The Environment Options window is where users can specify how maps are saved when the application is closed, what language to use, and the number of RPM rows that should be displayed in the main screen.
• Map Options – map files contain notes that users can access by sending the maps to the Power Commander. Users may read the notes of the map file, edit these, and save the new file. The Notes area is where users can edit the map notes. Once done, users can overwrite or replace the original file, or save the file with a new file name.
• Viewing Options – users can toggle between viewing the map notes and the grid area. Users can also see the throttle position and the engine RPM during the process of fuel injection.