Power BibleCD

Online Publishing, Inc. (Proprietary)

Power BibleCD is a program used for Christian bible studies. The application features different tools that make it easier for users to learn about the bible including definitions, sermons, and dictionaries. The program consists of more than 700,000 cross-references, 20 commentaries, and more than 10 topical references. There are also 10 bible dictionaries included in the application. The program has an easy-to-use and highly intuitive user interface that makes it ideal to use by both novice and advanced computer users. The software also comes with a comprehensive help file that users can read to learn more about how to use the different features of the application.

The application has an interface that is well-laid out and easily navigable. It consists of menus and task buttons located at the upper section of the program window. This is where users can navigate through the different applications and use the various tools the program has to offer. Some of the application’s main features are listed below:

• Comes with a search feature that enables users to search through the different books in the bible
• Users can make fonts smaller or larger based on their preferences
• Comes with 13 English bible translations to different languages, such as Spanish, Filipino, Russian, German, and French