PotPlayer x86 1.5.38562

Daum Communications (Freeware)

Developed and released by Daum Communications in 2010, PotPlayer was initially intended as a gift for loyal patrons of the company. Daum Communications is a Korean portal which provides Web services to the public. Daum uses the PotPlayer codec so that Web visitors would be able to view their live streams.

The key feature of PotPlayer is that it acts both as a codec and a player in one. This allows users to view live streams and play video files on the computer at the same time. The application also features a video equalizer which allows users to adjust the hue and brightness of the output, and an audio equalizer that permits tweaking of low, mid-range, and high sounds. Users are also able to change between different kinds of skins that would suit their taste and style. The program also has video filters like de-noise, post-processing, de-interlacing, and more for customized playback. It also has subtitle support, including ASS and SAA formats. It applies keyboard shortcuts for easier control and is able to play the video exactly where the user left off. The application can also play damaged or incomplete AVI files by skipping the damaged part and play most video and audio formats. Plus, more advanced settings can be found in the “Options” menu.