Potion Bar 1

Playrix Entertainment (Shareware)

Potion Bar is a time management game that focuses on how quick the player can mix and create elixirs for mystical clients at a potions shop. The goal is to earn money by serving and retaining all the customers.

The player takes the role of a mystical bartender who mixes potions according to the specification of the bar’s patrons. Instructions on how to play the game is given by a talking cat. The player must follow its directions to get a high score.

The gameplay involves the player managing the potion bar under the talking cat’s supervision, mixing magical drinks and serving them to waiting customers, all of which must be accomplished within a set time limit. The player must not let the clients grow impatient or mad. Otherwise, the user could lose potential revenue.

The features that Potion Bar offers include:

• Thirty-five levels that get more challenging as the player acquires skills
• Creating new concoctions and playing mini-games in distant locations
• The player can use a various potions and other ingredients
• The player’s earnings can be used to upgrade the bar and keep the customers satisfied.
• The player can acquire the ability to charm witches, warlocks, and wizards for better scores.