Potato Guy (Picture Game for Children)

Albert Astals (Shareware)

Potato Guy, also known as KTuberling, is a children’s game. The game is just like a virtual paper doll wherein users can dress up a potato, add accessories, and choose from different backgrounds. Adding objects and items to the Potato Guy can be done by dragging and dropping them from their location to the play area where Potato Guy can be found. Some of the objects that can be added are hats, tops, bottoms, shoes, bowties, jewelry, and many more.

The game comes with 10 backgrounds with varying themes where users can place Potato Guy. Some of the backgrounds included in the game are Ancient Egypt, Robot Workshop, Pizzeria, Moon, and many others. Players do not have goals to meet in the game. Players just have to come up with different looks for Potato Guy. Creations created with the game can be saved to the computer. The saved file can be opened with the program and edited later on. Furthermore, there is a print option on the upper part of the window that allows users to print their Potato Guy projects straight from the game’s interface. The game comes with hundreds of items for endless background and wardrobe combinations for Potato Guy.