PostgreSQL Maestro 14.5

SQL Maestro Group (Shareware)

PostgreSQL Maestro by SQL Maestro Group is the leading PostgreSQL GUI admin tool. Its main functions are for database development, control, and overall management. This is a multi-featured premier application, which offer users numerous tools, including a database designer, PL/pgSQL Debugger, and database object management tools.

One of the highlights of this utility is that it may be used in working with remote PostgreSQL servers either via HTTP tunnel or SSH. Another important feature is the BLOB Viewer/Editor. This utility best serves users who need to execute and edit SQL scripts, make OLAP cubes, and create visual diagrams that present numerical data.

PostgreSQL Maestro provides support for PostgreSQL server versions 7.3 and higher. It can perform a wide range of data management tasks such as grouping, editing, filtering, and sorting. Users are also given easy access to security features of PostgreSQL. PostgreSQL Maestro is equipped with a friendly SQL Editor that allows for multi-threading and code folding, as well as a Visual Query Boiler that can handle UNIONS and subqueries. All the functions are easily accessible via the navigation style user-interface and friendly wizard system.

This program also provides users with a comprehensive set of tools to execute and edit SQL scripts, create visual diagrams for various numeric data, make OLAP cubes, to name a few database management tasks. A classic interface option is available as well as a tabbed MDI interface.