posterXXL Software

posterXXL Software (Shareware)

The program known as posterXXL Software is an application that offers design options for large-scale projects. The outcomes of using this application are almost perfect, and it offers users with navigation characteristics that make it easy to use. This full-featured utility offers users with a myriad of design and formatting options. PosterXXL Software allows for saving of the completed projects on the computer.

This utility is designed to provide users with the means to design and modify images in their photo book. The main features of posterXXL Software are:
• Fast completion of projects
• Numerous design templates to choose from
• Convenient access to images from social networking sites
• Ease of usage

Users of this program will find a bar on the top of the page which presents them with the available product ranges. They can make their choice from this bar prior to starting with a project. Beginners are directed by the program to the design and creation process with easy to follow instructions. There is no need for advanced computing knowledge for a user to successfully implement this program.

This is a free utility that is compatible with Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows Vista. Poster XXL Software is developed by poster XXL AG.