Postbox 4.0.8

Postbox, Inc. (Shareware)

Postbox is a program that enables users to manage different and various mail accounts using one interface. Postbox catalogs and provides quick searching of each and every type of content that is found in emails such as attachments, documents, pictures, addresses, links, contacts, and text. Content and email messages can be located, viewed, and edited easily.

When an email is clicked on, a preview pane displays all links, attachments, images, and text that are contained in it. An Archive function moves messages which users do not want to tackle with immediately into the Archive folder. For content to be shared online, users select online services to be used.  Web connections are made from the program Inspector Pane or Search Tab. Any type of IMAP or email account like Zimbra, Dreamhost, AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo!, iCloud/MobileMe, Comcast, and Rackspace, can be used with the program. Messages can be organized according to Topics, such as events, clients, priorities, or projects. Thumbnails of pictures found in email messages can all be viewed via the tab titled Images. Files and documents can all be browsed through the Attachments option. Email confidentiality and privacy information are preserved. The program protects the computer from Trojan horses, viruses, and spyware by comparing and reviewing URLS sent to users to a database for suspected malware and phishing sites. Warning messages are displayed when malicious URS are detected. “To-Do” messages and reminders can also be incorporated into one’s Inbox.