Postal Plus

Running with Scissors (Proprietary)

Postal Plus is the re-released version of Postal, a video game. It is a 3D shooter game in an isometric environment. The game features a top-down view of the environment. Its gameplay is similar to shooter games in the first-person perspective. The main character's (the Postal Dude) movement depends on what direction he is facing. He also has slots for weapons and ammunitions. The goal of the game is to kill a certain percentage of non-playable characters on any given map at any given level. The player can advance to the next goal as soon as he fulfills the objectives.

The game does not have a plot, but some instances in the game suggest that the main character has been evicted from his home. There are also some hints that the entire population has been infected by a plague. With regards to weaponry, the player first has access to a weak machine gun, a couple of grenades and mines. As the game progresses, the character can gain access to stronger guns and a variety of weapons, such as the Napalm Launcher. One unique feature of the game is the level editor that allows players to create their own levels. This means the player can specify where they want the enemies to be and set their level of intelligence which increases the game's replayability.