Postal III

Akella (Proprietary)

Postal III is a shooter game with the alternative title of Akella’s Postal Spin off. This game follows after Postal II storyline. It traces the adventures of The Postal Dude after he blew up Paradise in Postal II. He emigrated to Catharsis and is forced to find a job there. This game gives the player two routes—to go the good path or the bad path. The bad path leads to The Postal Dude participating in Mayor Chomo’s and Uncle Dave’s evil schemes, while the good path involves joining the Catharsis Police force and protecting the public. The latter route gives the player a longer storyline and more difficult gameplay.  

Postal III progresses in a linear cinematic manner. Nonetheless, The Postal Dude’s actions still affect the ending of the game. Postal III features three alternative endings—the Evil Ending, Neutral Ending, and Good Ending. All endings involve The Postal Dude’s escape from the Venezuelan Invasion. The resulting ending depends on The Postal Dude’s actions during the whole game.

Postal III offers an open world game environment. It is also available in a single player campaign and multiplayer cooperative gameplay. The Postal Dude exhibits a violent character and is likened to a Clint Eastwood character. He is voiced by Cory Cruise.