Postal 3

Akella (Proprietary)

Postal III is a third-person shooter game from Akella. The game represents  the third installment in the series of Postal games. In this game, the player has the option to choose a life path. The roles include that of a serial killer, eco-terrorist, and a presidential candidate. The characters in the game are played out by celebrities. The game feature appearances from Ron Jeremy, Uwe Boll, Osama bin Laden, and much more.

The plot of the game deals with the postal dude character moving to the town of Catharsis. During the course of the game, the player is given the option to choose two different paths. The good path leads the player to become part of the police. The bad path lets the player join the group of antagonists. The outcome of the game depends on the player’s actions. The missions can result into three possible endings:

• Evil Ending- the postal dude escapes Catharsis. He will then face death penalty as a punishment. The character will be denied in heaven and the postal dude ends up in hell.
• Good Ending- the postal dude becomes a hero. He then becomes the president of America.
• Neutral Ending- the postal dude escapes Catharsis. However, the character does not commit slaughter nor saves anyone. The postal dude marries Jen Wallcock. He also wins the lottery and writes a book.

The postal dude ends the game with the final words- “I regret nothing”.