Posh Boutique

Puzzle Labs (Shareware)

Posh Boutique is a time management type of game wherein the main character, Alicia, is tasked by her grandmother to manage a chain of fashion boutique shops. In this game, the player is bound to perform a series of tasks inside the boutique under a time limit. Customers that come to the boutique want to purchase some items. These items are displayed above the customers thought balloons. The customers must be clicked on to be able to give them their desired item. If the customers are happy, the player earns more money. The total money that is earned is carried over to the next boutique shop that Alicia has to manage. At the end of each stage, the game presents a summary of how well the player finished the stage.

Posh Boutique has two game modes. In Regular mode, the player starts with only a few items in a basic shop. As the player earns money, upgrades can be purchased for the shop. Upgrades are bought at the end of each day in the game. When the next boutique is opened, the player starts with a basic shop again. Ultimate mode for each boutique is unlocked after completing that boutique in regular mode. In Ultimate mode, the player is given a goal. When the goal has been attained, an upgrade is added automatically in the shop.