Curious Labs, Inc. (Shareware)

Poser is a 3D animation and CGI rendering program used for models which normally represent the human form in 3D.  It is commonly used to animate and pose figures such as those of mannequins. Poser human renderings are used in information graphics, comics, graphic novel and editorial illustrations, and industrial and medical design illustrations.

New and advanced computer users can create simple images and animations using the program, even with digital third party models. Props, cameras, lighting, and figures can be incorporated in animated and still renderings.  A program library contains numerous pre-rigged cartoon, human, robotic and animal figures, as well as various facial expressions, hair pieces, textures, and props to be used in objects.  The program uses graphics hardware to create scene previews as it is being built, alongside real-time textures, shadows, lights, and displacement maps. Realistic skin tones are produced by a Subsurface Scattering feature, while Global Illumination special effects are supported by an Indirect Lighting feature. Rigs of hybrid characters can also be created using deformers, zones, and morphs. Other program features include a Face Room, Joint Bending system, TalkDesigner, WalkDesigner, and Dependent Parameters utility, among others. Original object modeling is not allowed by the program, thus Poser content normally come from third parties.