Poser Figure Artist Application

e frontier America, Inc (Proprietary)

The Poser Figure Artist Application is a graphics program that provides users with realistic 3D human models. This virtual studio is particularly designed for traditional artists who do a lot of life or figure drawing of the human form. It is a step up from wooden mannequins and an alternative to costly live models. This program contains pre-made basic models, hairstyles, expressions, props, backgrounds, garments, and a myriad of poses that users can put together.

Users can also create their own poses and add these to the program library. The poses can also be expanded with content from websites such as Renderosity and Content Paradise. Users can also adjust the viewing angle. The scene or 3D human figure created is a true-to-life image that artists can utilize as a model to assist them in painting, drawing, sketching, or sculpting the human form.

The created image can be exported to an image editing program for further enhancement or printed out. The program may be used by novices and seasoned artists alike. The interface is simple and easy to learn. Poser Figure Artist comes with a PDF manual for first-time users. Artists can create all manner of poses, from basic standing and sitting poses to more complex reclined or dance poses. Users can save as many poses as they want, as often as they want so that they can easily get back to a pose. The pre-made models include female, male, child, skeletons, and even robot figures.