Pos Panorama Pro

PowerOfSoftware (Freeware)

Panoramic photos are a collage of three or more photos to create a composite image with an ultra-wide viewing angle. While most of today’s advanced cameras are able to take these shots with their firmware, applications like Pos Panorama Pro allow users to create panoramic photos using photos stored on their computers. The application comes with a wizard interface that lets users select, arrange, and stitch the photos together. Its interface is relatively easy to use and does not require users to have any special graphic or photo editing knowledge beforehand. It also does not require any additional hardware.

The program intelligently detects possible “stitch points” where images may be overlapped and arranges the photos in the correct order. For advanced users, more options are available for complete control over the panoramic image’s properties. The application allows for both horizontal and vertical panoramas. Included within the software is an image editor that provides users with basic image editing tools for contrast, exposure, brightness, saturation, and other image attributes for overall control on the look of the image. After the user is done, he or she can then export the image in various file types including JPEG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, and PNG. More advanced controls such as color count, and compression ratio are also integrated.