Ports Of Call 2012

Dipl. Ing. R.D.Klein (Shareware)

Ports of Call is a trade simulation game that was released in 1986 for Amiga personal computers manufactured by Commodore. In this trade-and-ship simulation, the player is in control of a ship with goods that are sold in various “ports” in the world. Players often have to use strategy and proper management to drive the gameplay through the mission.

Players start with $5000 in capital. Their goal is to trade their way to achieve global success. Often, the player has to use management skills to go forward. The player’s objective involves earning enough money to purchase and upgrade ships by trading various items at ports all over the world. The player can buy a better ship as their funds increase. Ships with premium features usually cost more.

In Ports of Call, the player has to go through different obstacles during the game. Among these are:

• Keeping the ship in good condition to prevent it from sinking or to prevent rats from gaining access to the cargo.
• Situations where a shipwreck occurs and the player must pay for repairs.
• Navigating the ship around dangerous reefs or icebergs. Players can accept a shipment delay if they choose to sail around an obstacle.