PortMap 1.1

Coding Monkeys (Open Source)

PortMap is an easy-to-use utility tool that can be used to manage port mappings of a computer. Users can map networking ports using Airport Basestation or a UPNP router. The application also creates ports for applications to be reached via Internet or a home networking setup.

PortMap allows file sharing on a network of computers. The software’s file sharing allows speedy transfer of files among networks of computers. Users can also use remote login to a parent computer to support workflow and efficiency among networks of computers. Portmap is an all-purpose port mapper supporting all major routers with URL templates and PC presets. The latest edition is integrated with more router and gateways for faster connections. Users can fix router incompatibility in cases where there are problems with the ports and network connections. The application also regularly refreshes running networks to update ports and connectivity.

Developers can also use this software for networking. Network communication and media sharing can also be done using the software’s complex functions. By using Internet connectivity and PortMap, users can create open-source code libraries for other users of the software. The application’s home page can be accessed by users for tips and tricks. Trouble shooting the software can be done using the multi-lingual Help tool.