Bernardo Porto (Freeware)

Portinho is a Windows utility that adjusts, cleans, analyzes, optimizes, diagnoses, and speeds up the computer.  It improves the performance and frees up space on the hard drive and protects user privacy. The program will search for unused browser settings and entries to the registry and temporary files and delete them. It can also delete cookies and Internet history.

Portinho has a cleanup feature that deletes unused files from the hard drive, unused and invalid keys from the system registry, and invalid shortcuts and links. The software also deletes remnants of the Internet browser activity; including cookies, caches, browsing history, and navigation bars. An option to send deleted files to the recycle bin instead of permanently deleting the files is available in case the user needs to retrieve certain files. Other features include allowing the user to run a diagnosis or an analyzer on the memory and computer. A defragmenter is included to free up space in the hard drive. A report with general information of the computer can be viewed.

On the interface main menu, it features three main functions. The first function, Free Up Disc Space, will delete Internet history. The second function, Analyze, will check and display the current system and how much space will be found and is available. The last function is Optimize, which will automatically scan and optimize the user’s system.