Port Royale 2

Ascaron Entertainment GmbH (Shareware)

Port Royale 2, a business simulator program, is the sequel to the same program type Port Royale: Gold, Power and Pirates. This business simulator program combines the main business simulation with real-time battles and features towns that can be owned, built, developed or destroyed. The new sequel is open-ended where the player can choose career paths whether as a business tycoon or a pirate.

Whatever the player chooses, the initial business is trading goods within the Caribbean colonies to make money. When playing a business tycoon, the player trades with towns for their friendship on the way to buying building permits to set up businesses.

As a pirate, the player can attack any of the four colonial nations (Spain, England, France and The Netherlands) in the 17th century Caribbean. Without the letter of Marque, these nations treat the player as an enemy. Aside from making money by trading, several missions need to be finished to acquire money, supplies, and improved relations. At higher levels, the player can automate some game parts (Ex: setting up trade routes).  

Port Royale 2 brings 8 starter scenarios (which are full-bodied games in themselves complete with goods, trading, ships, battles, etc.) to prepare the player for the main business simulation game.