Port Locker 2.0.22

Egis Technology Inc. (Shareware)

Port Locker is data protection program developed by Egis Technology, Inc. It protects data by preventing unauthorized people from transferring the files from one computer to another using PCMCIA ports, USB Flash Drive, Printer ports, DVD/CD writers, Infrared ports and Ethernet ports. It has four main functions – Copy-Prevention, Block File Distribution, USB Authentication and Print Authentication.

Copy Prevention helps prevent illegal copying of files onto different devices or ports. The Block File Distribution functionality is used for blocking file distribution via FTP on websites or via uploads/email forwarding. Its USB Authentication functionality allows users to ask for permission/authentication when external USB devices are connected to the computer while the Print Authentication functionality asks for authentication before printing files. This function also prevents unauthorized data transfer/printing through a network.

Port Locker offers Options for locking/unlocking single or several ports using authorized password. There are also several Lock type options such as specific duration of lock, permanent lock or when the computer is on idle mode. The program also provides an alert when an unauthorized function is being performed on locked ports. Port Reports are also provided. These reports offer detailed log related to Unblocked, Permanent Blocked and Scheduled Blocked ports. It is also possible to view a report for a certain type of information on a chosen port. Reports can also be sent after every user-defined interval through FTP and email.