PopTray 3.2

Renier Crause (Freeware)

PopTray is an easy-to-use email notifier that offers a lot of features in a user-friendly interface.  It helps users organize their POP email, be notified thru different message alert sounds, manage spams, and more.  It can also support an unlimited number of email accounts.  

Users can manipulate the settings of PopTray to suit their needs and for their convenience.  Other than changing its color, they can also adjust the frequency on how often the program will check for messages.  It will then show the number of incoming messages accordingly, each account in turn.  Notifications can be delivered in several ways, such as pop-ups and sound.

PopTray also offers the convenience of letting recipients preview their emails.  Once notified, users can choose to open and read their messages, delete them, write a reply, or mark an unwanted mail as spam.  They can also identify messages according to the criteria they have previously set, which could include a different notification sound, marked as spam, automatically delete from the server, and more.  

In addition, PopTray lets users assign hotkeys for easy usage.  They may also use the command-line options or mouse buttons for this purpose.  

The software is available in over 30 languages, and supports several protocol and notification plug-ins.