InterMute, Inc. (Freeware)

PopSubtract is a pop-up ad blocker developed by InterMute, which has since been acquired by anti-virus firm Trend Micro. This application has the ability to handle both pop-ups from Internet browsers as well as pop-under windows and blocks these from appearing on the user’s computer screen. It can also block pop-up windows executed by messenger services. This tool was featured on the consumer desktop computers manufactured by Hewlett-Packard, such as the Compaq Presario and the HP Pavilion. The application came with trial versions of the SpySubtract and SpamSubtract programs as well, providing HP consumers with a three solutions to block pop-up ads, spyware, and unwanted emails.

PopSubtract’s ability to block pop-up ads prevents distractions from interrupting the work done by users, making them more productive. Its features in detail are as follows:

• Ad blocking with SmartPOPTM technology– it blocks pop-up as well as pop-under windows from appearing, but the necessary pop-up windows, such as those used for secure log-in, open when the corresponding Web page links are clicked.
• Instant notifications – this application plays a sound effect notifying the user that a pop-up has been blocked.
• Customizable list – users can create a “White List” of trusted sites that may use pop-up or pop-under windows, such as frequented online shopping sites.