POP Peeper

Mortal Universe (Freeware)

POP Peeper is an email notification application that alerts users whenever a message arrives in the inbox. The program supports POP3 and IMAP email accounts, as well as common email clients (Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, etc). Users can manage multiple email accounts using POP Peeper. Each account can be color coded to set them apart from one another.

The program’s interface is similar to an email client’s interface. The Account ViewMode shows a summary of all the email accounts connected to the program. The account names are color coded, too. In the summary window, users can view the account name, number of new messages, unread messages, and the total messages. The sound notifications can be set, too. Different sounds can be set for each of the accounts. Users can also use the program to send emails and attachments. Opening and saving attachments can also be done directly from the application.

Here are the other features of the POP Peeper program:
• No account limit for emails
• Customizable tray icon notification
• Protection from messages that contain viruses
• HTML email support
• Support for running on portable device

Users can also download additional files to use with the program including Snarl, Chime, ScreenSaver, and Voice Notification.