Lost Boys interactive (Freeware)

PoolEmUp is a one or two player pool computer game. Billiards is a game where the players try to shoot the billiard ball using a cue stick. There are a variety of games that can be played like 9-ball, and 8-ball, among others. Each variety has its own rules and ways of winning the game. This game in particular was created as a promotional game for Dommelsch beer, thus, the logo of Dommelsch is incorporated in the graphics and gameplay. For instance, if the player shoots a ball on a pocket with the logo, he receives three kinds of jokers that the player can use to defeat the opponent by having the cue stick to the table.

PoolEmUp can be played in single player or dual player mode. The rules for the game is for 8-ball. In this game, there is one cue ball and other balls numbered 1 to 15. One player is assigned to pocket the numbers 1 to 7 while the other one is assigned 9 to 15. This needs to be done in order. The player who first completes his set and then pockets ball number 8, wins. The game is controlled using the mouse. The left button allows the player to position the ball while holding and releasing the left button allows him to shoot. The aim can be controlled by moving the mouse.