Pool Paradise

Awesome Developments (Proprietary)

Pool Paradise is a simulated pool video game developed and published by the company, Awesome Developments. It features a quirky premise that puts the player on the shores of a breathtaking island resort, which is inhabited by parodic pool sharks. At the beginning of the game, the player must borrow $200 from the literal loan shark in order to engage on a quest to climb the ladder of Pool Paradise’s roster of elite members. The list of characters whom the player will challenge in the game are very diverse – ranging from a glove-wearing man called OJ Stumpstem to a Pulp Fiction-esque character decked out in a rubber costume, to a martial arts guy, to classic horror villains. Each of these characters comes with a specific list of challenges for the player. For every challenge, there is a game type that the characters want to play, the set score or number of frames to play to, and the amount of money that the characters are willing to bet on the game.

Players can start competing for money immediately, or simply practice in order to home their pool-playing skills. All 30 players are ranked based on their skill, and in order to qualify to play with each of them, the player must have a specific amount of money to bet on the outcome of the game. Game types include all known versions of pool, as well as other unique ones. They are randomly assigned to each player and change after the end of every game played. The more games the player wins, s/he also earns more money and goes up in the rankings. The player is occasionally presented with the chance to play in a variety of tournaments, each of which comes with a $500 price tag. Pool Paradise offers several mini-games besides the primary game, and the player can use his/her winnings to play them.