Pool of Radiance

Strategic Simulations, Inc. (Proprietary)

Pool of Radiance is an adventure role-playing game developed and published by the company, Strategic Simulations. It is the first computer adaptation of the fantasy RPG, Advanced Dungeons and Dragons. The game’s plot takes place in the campaign setting, Forgotten Realms and most of the action sequences happen in a fictional port city named Phlan. The player begins the game by putting together a group that consists of no more than six members. These characters can be a combination of creatures from various races such as elves, dwarves, and humans. The player’s party of adventurers explores different locations within Phlan and fulfills a set of tasks for the town council.

Once the player’s party reaches settled parts of the town, they must purchase essential equipment and tools in preparation for the first tasks. They must also be wary of skirmishes while carrying out the tasks. As the player’s characters progress in the game, they increase their experience and receive new tasks from the council. During the course of the game, the player will come across clues regarding the reason behind the troubles in Phlan. An evil Boss controls an army of humanoids, and toward the end of the story, the adventurers will battle it out with this Boss and his forces in Phlan Castle.