Pool-Mate Pro

House-on-the-Hill Software Ltd (Proprietary)

Pool-Mate Pro is the supporting application that powers a training timepiece. It allows the wearer to monitor different types of data while in motion and then transfer these onto any computer system. When the timepiece is connected to a computer, the Pool-Mate Pro application can be set to automatically sync with it, immediately launching the interface. The user can then rely on the interface to track his or her progress in the pool, as it can measure the average strokes, laps, and overall speed together with the following relevant data elements:
• Calories Burned Per Session
• Training Time and Distance Swum
• Overall Efficiency - Incline and Decline
This application is capable of storing over a hundred training sessions in separate or individual data files. This enables the users to monitor their progress and techniques over a certain period of time. Pool-Mate Pro has been developed to recognize motion in the smallest intervals, removing the need for any calibration prior to training. It also comes equipped with connectivity applications that make it compatible with a variety of computers working on different operating systems.

The interface is simple yet comprehensive. Depending on the user’s preference, data from various sessions can be analyzed and translated into an active graph. To make the data easier to assess, the numerical data for the selected sessions are also displayed.