Poofik 1.0

MyPlayCity, Inc. (Freeware)

Poofik is a side-scroller adventure game. In this game, players help a raccoon named Poofik, who must collect jewels hidden in the forest mines. Along the way, they would encounter gold and silver coins that can also be collected to add to their points. As an added bonus, they can jump to reach golden nuts. Players must keep the raccoon healthy and nourished by getting the apples on the road. Players must be careful to avoid dangerous creatures that can hurt the raccoon, such as hedgehogs, caterpillars. worms, and bees. Players can go on the offensive and jump on these creatures to flatten them before they can do any harm to the main character. The level is finished when the raccoon reaches the exit sign. Players can then move on to the next and more challenging level.

Before the start of each level, the game gives players advice about the bonuses that can be collected and the creatures to avoid. Players are given three lives to finish the game; players can also collect more lives along the way. The game has a user-friendly interface; players can use both the keyboard and the mouse to move the raccoon. Players can use the arrow keys to move the raccoon to the left or to the right, and the space bar to make it jump. This game may be played either in full screen or window mode.