Pontifex 1.0

Chronic Logic (Shareware)

Pontifex is a construction game set developed by Chronic Logic. It deals specially with constructing different types of bridges across different expanses. To test the durability and strength of the constructed bridge, players can make a train traverse the bridge to the other side. If the bridge is sturdy enough, the train will be able to reach the other end. If not, the train falls into the water or the ravine.

The Pontifex program features a 3D Physics engine that allows users to see the bridge from any angle. It also offers a first person view mimicking the view of a camera strapped to the face of the train. The program features 32 levels, 10 of which are included in the Demo pack, and the last 16 belong to the Complex category. The game likewise features an additional 16 levels consisting of new map-packs with varying difficulties. The three difficulty levels are Easy, Medium, and Complex. The difficulty lies in the type of geography and the train weight that will be sent across. Medium mode doubles the train weight, while Complex mode quadruples the original train weight. Pontifex also features a Level editor that enables users to create and edit their own levels to test their skills.

Pontifex developers already released  a sequel called Bridge Construction Set or Pontifex II.