Polygon Group Editor DS4

DAZ 3D (Proprietary)

Polygon Group Editor DS4 is a graphic design plug-in developed by DAZ 3D. It is included in the Toolkit as a package with other plug-ins, for animation and design. CCT is a package purchased separately for DAZ Studio and DAZ Studio 4.x users. DAZ Studio 4.x Pro edition already has this plug-in in its own installer.

This works when editing polygons or shapes in different elements in the project. It allows better contour on polygons that form the scene. Users can place faces or polygons to various groups. Integrating new polygons is done on new or existing project groups. Configuring polygons with this tool adds depth for realistic graphics.

Polygon Group Editor DS4 lets users select polygons in three choices. Users can use the lasso tool, rectangle, and drag option in choosing the polygons in preparation for editing. Users can quickly select polygons from different areas, faces and other groups that ensure faster editing procedure.

Aside from editing polygons, this add on also utilizes Geo-Grafting feature to create and form new geometry. These new figures can be integrated with Genesis and other DAZ Studio supported figures. Polygon Group Editor DS4 has easy to navigate features for selecting, hiding and displaying, and expanding polygon groups. Artists can also select connected polygons for more efficient editing, particularly in setting up new graphics or trying other image setups.