Polar WebSync 2.8.1

Polar Electro (Freeware)

Polar WebSync (also referred to as Polar WebLink) is a program developed by Polar Electro, a manufacturer of heart rate monitoring equipment and advanced sports training computers. This software is used to transfer data from Polar’s various performance, health, and fitness products to its web service ( and from Polar Active to the online training diary ( for further activity data analysis and storage.

Polar manufactures and distributes various heart rate monitors and sport watches. Their diverse product line includes heart rate monitors for cross-training, fitness & running, as well as GPS-enabled sports watches and cycling computers for endurance training. The main users are those who purchase and use Polar’s products. Aside from professional athletes and fitness trainers, a niche segment for Polar products that benefit from the software are physical education educators and students.

Administrator user rights are required to install the software. A web browser with Macromedia Flash Player, version 9, and a network connection would be essential to access the web service. Depending on the product, data transfer occurs either via infrared communication or Polar SonicLink. For infrared communication, an external IR device or an IrDA port is needed. When transferring exercises via SonicLink, a microphone and sound card are needed.