Polar Tubing 2.2

WildTangent, Inc. (Shareware)

Polar Tubing is a computer game where the players experience tubing on exotic locations such as the fjords of Iceland, Rio Grande, and the Amazon. Tubing is a recreational activity where players ride on top of a circular tube usually made of soft, elastic, and synthetic rubber and race towards the finish line. This game can be played on water, snow or air. The game software simulates this activity. The game characters wear polarized shades and paddle out of the game interface.

Polar Tubing has several game characters such as Polar Bear, Penguin, and Walrus from the game series. The players have two (2) main objectives. The first one is to collect stars and treasure chests to get the highest score. The second objective is to get to the finish line within the shortest time. This is made difficult by obstacles scattered on the course of the game, dangerous whirlpools, and other characters in the game that distract the player. Players can use water cannons to fire against distracting characters to win prizes. To get ahead in the race, players can use rapids and gain higher speed. With various strategies, the player paddles out toward the finish line with the fastest speed or highest score.