Polar ProTrainer SW

Polar Electro Oy (Proprietary)

Polar ProTrainer SW is a training software developed by Polar Electro and released on March 2012. This program enables users to track their training progress by monitoring heart rates and heart rate zones, speed, time, and distance. It enables users to plan their training according to their target goals and capacities. This program also enables users to make training plans and training objectives, and keep to a training schedule to reach such.

Polar ProTrainer SW features six display settings that are viewable using the wrist unit. Users can choose to display the Lap Time, Ascent, Heart Rate, Pace, Distance, or Cadence. This program enables users to pre-set up to 21 training sessions on their computers. These can then be transferred via Infrared link to the wrist unit. Training results can also be transferred from the wrist unit back to the computer for analysis. Users may still see the results on the wrist unit but better analysis may be done when on the computer interface. The program automatically creates graphs and detailed analyses from the data acquired from the wrist unit. The program can also perform comparison analyses using data from previous sessions with the most recent data for a more updated training progress analysis. This program also features a Training History tool that tracks training progress over time. Users may use the tool for future training planning and objective setting.