Polar Pool

WildTangent, Inc. (Shareware)

Polar Pool is a casual video game developed and released by WildTangent Inc. in 2008. This game features a modified pool game style where a player can choose between traditional 8-ball, 9-ball, or the “Polar” version, Power Pool. In playing Power Pool, users are able to use power ups, bonus pockets, and special characters to win the game. Polar Pool features a 3D-rendered environment with animated characters that perform gags and comical actions such as slipping down the ice and falling from objects during the game.

Polar Pool has six playable Arctic-themed characters such as the Polar Bear, Penguin, Walrus, Arctic Fox, Dog, and Santa Claus. The game also provides six table levels with different themes. In Polar Pool, the player gets to play pool in a gigantic table made of ice. The character is shown sitting on a puck-like object which serves as the cue ball. Players need to knock the pool balls (also made of ice) into the pockets by hitting the character’s puck. The game also features various score multipliers, extra table characters that helps players sink balls into pockets, and power-ups such as bombs, lightning, vaporizer, deep freeze, twister, and whirlpool. These power ups can be obtained if they get hit by the character puck.

Polar Pool has single player, an online multi-player, and a hot seat mode where two players may share the controls in a single keyboard. The game also has features that allow the player to get updates on new characters and levels online.