Polar Golfer

WildTangent, Inc. (Shareware)

Polar Golfer is a sports video game that was initially released in 2004. The game also comes bundled with some Dell computers. In the game, players choose a character and play golf in the Polar Country Club, which has an 18-hole golf course. Some of the characters to choose from include a polar bear, a fox, a walrus, and a moose. Each hole on the golf course has a different setting. There are snowy mountains, waterfalls, and many more.

Players can control the swing just by using the mouse. A swing meter is shown on the screen that gauges the amount of power that will be used to hit the ball. The higher the arrow is on the meter, the stronger the swing will be. Even users who do not play golf can play the game, since the game suggests golf clubs to use for each course. However, advanced players also have the option to choose which golf club to use.

At the start of the game, there are only two characters to choose from. As the player’s points increase, other characters will be unlocked. Each character has a different golfing ability. The game allows four users to play at the same time.