Poker Heaven

InTouch Poker Limited (Freeware)

Poker Heaven is an online Poker site whose software allows players to play the game at the comfort of their home. Developed by Boss Media, the software provides a lobby which serves as a place where players can find rooms to play poker in. Navigation in the program is "tabbed based". This is where users may find cash games and rewards tournaments. A "Find Player" action helps in searching for specific players. "Quick Play" gets the player to play the game immediately. Five tables are allowed in a given play. Tables can be resized too. Through the "table index" at the top of every window, players can switch from one table to another. When a player goes all-in, a chat can be disabled.

Replaying hands through the poker software is now possible in Poker Heaven. This means there is an option to view previous moves by the players. This is done through the "Replay" button. Using the "Hand History" button, completed hands from any game can also be viewed. There is even an option to filter completed hands by choosing the date when the hand was played. The filter can also be customized by specifying what type of game the hand was played. In tournaments, players can choose to propose a deal to end tournaments earlier.

Poker Heaven compiles user statistics that players can review. Players can also be categorized according to their skills. These categorizations are stored on the computer locally.