Pokemon World Online

PWO Team (Freeware)

Pokemon World Online is a web-based video game based on the Pokemon series of games by Nintendo. This is a fan-made game that was first introduced in 2007. Users can play the game by requesting for one of the three types of accounts available – new account, alternative account, and friend request. In the game, players get to catch and train their own Pokemon.

The game starts in SaltSpray Bay where players can battle with other players can challenge other players and make their way through the different gyms available. Aside from PvP battles, the players can also battle computer-controlled trainers. Players are also given a Pokedex where information about each Pokemon caught can be viewed. Game players all around the world can also interact with each other through the Playerdex website. The site has a Trainer Hub where beginners can learn how to play the game. Other features of the game are the following:

• Catch and train different types of Pokemon
• Features different locations
• Game play is similar to the Nintendo Pokemon games

Players must be 18 years of age to create an account. Younger players can register as long as there is parental consent. Players can create more than one account, but only one account can be accessed at a time.