JayCo Enterprises (Shareware)

Pokédex by JayCo Enterprises offers users with a comprehensive database of all 152 Pokemon characters. The data provided covers a wide range of categories, including all the growls and moves of the Pokemon. A descriptive battle chart is also given. This utility is an indispensable resource to avid Pokemon fans. It is accessible online and anyone with Internet connectivity can browse the database and look for the data that they require.

Pokédex also presents an accurate chain of evolution for all Pokemon. Other information provided by Pokédex are the advantages and disadvantages inherent to every Pokemon. The catalog also includes Pokemon music from the entire Pokemon game series. This utility is a comprehensive companion for avid Pokemon gamers who can make use of the wealth of information in the index to strategize and plan for upcoming battles.

This Pokemon index is very easy to use. All the Pokemon can be accessed from the main list. Clicking on the creature will reveal the relevant details, including evolutions, sprites, moves, and descriptions from games that the creature is featured. The HP or life force is also included in the stats, which is relevant data for future battles.

This application is compatible with the following operating systems: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, and Windows NT.