PoiZone 2

Image-Line (Shareware)

PoiZone is a synthesizer program with simple controls and maximum features. It is used together with FL Studio, a music production application. All the knobs and buttons present on the program’s interface can be used to produce professional quality music. PoiZone comes with 330 sound presets including pads and atmos, arpeggios, bass, keyboards, leads, and SFX. It also comes with 16 voice polyphony effects to improve synth music.

The PoiZone plugin has three filter modes – low pass, high pass, and band pass. These can be used to achieve a distinct sound when making music. Experimenting with these filters can result in analog sounds, grungy sounds, or clean sounds. Another feature of the plugin is 4-voice unison. This increases the harmonic range and gives off vox-like effects. There are also several effects included in the program. They are divided into two groups: delay effects and chorus effects. The effects can be activated by clicking on the ‘on’ button.

Other features of the synthesizer program include the following:
• Two oscillators
• Two ADSR envelope generators
• Multi-mode arpreggiator
• MIDI learn feature
• Sync modulation

PoiZone can also be used with a MIDI controller. With a MIDI controller, users can change filter frequencies, pulse widths, pitch bend range, and the amount of modulation.