PoivY 4.9

PoivY (Freeware)

PoivY is a communication tool developed by PoivY for making free phone calls over the Internet. Users can connect to any of their online contacts from any part in the world using their computers. It has a user-friendly interface where users can easily make phone calls with a few clicks.

The users must create an account prior to accessing the tool and using the service. The program will initially test and rate the bandwidth of the computer being used upon installation. It will then prompt the user to make test calls to make sure that the application is working properly. Users can make free phone calls to other PoivY users. This tool also allows sending SMS or making calls to local phone lines for free.

Other features of the PoivY communication program include the following:

• Caller ID – This feature will identify numbers for calls made using a landline or mobile phone. It directs the users to the name they enter and asks them to input a code to validating their account prior to starting a phone call.
• Phonebook – This built-in phonebook keeps the contact information of the user’s contact. It also records the calls made by the user and the incoming calls received by same.