Pointstone USB Immunization

Pointstone (Bundled)

Pointstone USB Immunization is intended to protect the whole computer as well as individual drives against harmful agents. Some of the most infective agents that cause computers to break down are called Autorun worms. This security tool is designed to identify any problematic malware such as Autorun worms that infect the autorun files, which all USB storage devices are equipped with.

These worms are notorious for their destructive effects and are definitely harmful to PCs. When they are not detected, they spread to the whole computer system when an infected USB is inserted into it and wreak havoc to files and folders.

This USB immunizer is capable of disabling threats such as Autorun worms before they gain access to the computer system. This program is a vigilant tool that is always watchful for the presence of malware and virus. When such problems are identified, the storage devices are immunized while on the fly.

Pointstone USB Immunization auto-immunizes any infected USB drive by automatically dealing with the malware. This program’s interface is simple and straightforward, making it easy to operate without requiring advanced computer skills. This tool is a component program of the comprehensive Pointstone System Cleaner suite, which is available to Windows users for maintenance and optimization of PC systems.