Pointstone System Snapshot

Pointstone (Shareware)

Pointstone System Snapshot is one of the component utilities of the Poinststone System Cleaner program, which is a suite designed to optimize and cleanup personal computers. The System Snapshot tool is part of an advanced maintenance suite with a total of 12 modules that are developed for devices running on Windows operations systems.

The main function of this System Snapshot utility is to implement tracking of all the changes made to the computer system. Changes are made to the system whenever a new utility is installed. The changes occur in the configuration and the system contents. This utility creates a picture or snapshot of all existing system data. This program is designed to compare the current system with the one on record. It also reports the changes to the user.  Given its functions, this component enables the Pointstone disk optimization suite to come up with better maintenance statistics and high performance operations.

Pointstone System Snapshot is particularly useful when there is a need to remove or recover certain files and folders which have been identified during a maintenance sweep. With Pointstone System Snapshot in place, there is an existing record that will help the program compare and contrast the before and after state of a system.