Pointstone Startup Manager

Pointstone (Bundled)

Pointstone Startup Manager is a program designed to help Windows users take control of the startup process of their PCs. Its main function is to ensure that only the desired and required programs are loaded whenever the computer is opened. Many computer users are unaware of what and how many programs are launched when the PC is opened. Most users do not notice this process at all and only realize that startup is occurring when it is taking longer than usual. When this happens, Pointstone Startup Manager is a useful tool. It restores the original startup speed by fixing whatever is taking the AutoStart program of the computer too long to complete the procedure.

This startup manager is a component of the Pointstone System Cleaner program that is intended to increase the performance of computers running on Windows by optimizing all the systems. This package has a number of components, including Pointstone Startup Manager, which conducts regular maintenance checks of the relevant hardware as well as all the programs installed in the computer. Some of the other program components of the Pointstone System Cleaner package are the following: Internet Optimizer, Registry Search, and Disk Defragmenter. With the startup manager component, the user is spared the hassle of waiting for the computer to complete startup for long periods of time.