Pointstone Security Optimizer

Pointstone (Bundled)

Pointstone Security Optimizer is a tool designed to fix the vulnerabilities of a computer system specifically in the matter of security. When launched, this utility surveys the critical areas of the PC in order to perform a comprehensive security inspection. This program essentially serves as a protector of the PC contents from being exposed to outside threats since it ensures that security measures are working at full capacity. This application is one of the components of the Pointstone System Cleaner utility which is compatible with all existing Windows OS up to Windows 8. It is easily integrated into the system to conduct optimization and maintenance. This utility covers hardware maintenance as well as all the programs installed.

Pointstone Security Optimizer also has the capability to scan the system and assess the status of each component. Once security problems are identified, it automatically fixes the errors thus restoring the whole PC to optimum performance. As such, this tool is also a viable solution for any identified security issue. This program has been upgraded along with the other 23 utilities which complete the Pointstone System Cleaner 7. This component is especially designed as a problem solving tool that identifies and resolves systems’ security issues. Enhancements are aimed at improving the performance and reliability of the system.