Pointstone Rescue Manager

Pointstone (Shareware)

Pointstone Rescue Manager is a component of the Pointstone System Cleaner suite that tracks all the changes made by the computer’s program components. The utility package called System Cleaner from Pointstone is capable of many functionalities including updating of information, removal of faulty registry data, and relocation of files and removal of invalid ones. The Rescue Manager component is essentially an organizational tool that provides users with the means for having complete control over the optimization process.

The main feature of the Rescue Manager is that is can also undo the changes made by other tools. In effect, it is capable of both monitoring and troubleshooting functions. The utility has built-in capability to create a backup of settings before the Rescue Manager takes effect. This allows for the last “tweaking” session to be easily reversible. The program records the status of the systems so that this is preserved. With this snapshot, full restoration is possible with one click.

Pointstone Rescue Manager has an easy to use and readily understandable user interface. It is an efficient tool that employs its functionalities on computer systems that run on Windows OS. This program works seamlessly on systems with Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 installed. There is also no need for hardware updates with the regular implementation of this program.