Pointstone Repair Wizard

Pointstone (Shareware)

Pointstone Repair Wizard provides the user with an immediate and effective solution to different kinds of computer problems. This utility is particularly designed for dealing with the most common Windows operating system issues encountered by users. This Repair Wizard from Pointstone is an essential component of the Pointstone System Cleaner program package, which has been newly updated.

To fix a problem in the Windows operating system, the user only needs to select the relevant problem that needs to be solved and Pointstone Repair Wizard will take over and resolve the issues quickly and easily, and within a reasonable period of time. The Pointstone System Cleaner package is designed to clean and optimize the programs that run in computers. This utility is intended for registry optimization as well. The upgrades done with this System cleaner include:
• Higher responsiveness
• Damage level graphics added to the scan and results integrator
• Improved functionality in multiple areas

This is designed to serve as a complete package for improved performance of computer systems without the need for hardware upgrades or replacements. Pointstone Repair Wizard is a tool that serves as an important component of this comprehensive optimization program set. The latest version has improved functionality from the previous one.