Pointstone Internet Optimizer

Pointstone (Shareware)

Pointstone Internet Optimizer is a tool designed to optimizing the settings of a user’s Internet connection. There are situations wherein the Internet connection is not perfectly in sync with the operating system of the computer being used. This utility is capable of maximizing the Internet connectivity of the system that the user is employing.

This program is designed to optimize the configuration settings of the existing Internet connection with the purpose of improving connection speed and network capabilities. The operating system installed may not be optimized for the network connection being used. When this is the cause, it may cause delays and compromise upload and download speeds.

These are the basic functions of Pointstone Internet Optimizer:
• Decrease length of time that the page is loading
• Enhancing amount of data transfer
• Faster downloading time no matter what file type, including e-mail, image files, music files and video files
• More efficient Internet connectivity

Pointstone Internet Optimizer negates the need for new computer hardware in order to improve the performance of the network. With this Internet Optimizer, apps work at a faster rate. Games are also more playable since the surfing speed is boosted to higher levels. This utility is easy to use and enables the user to reach the highest performance level in just a few clicks.