Pointstone File Shredder

Pointstone (Bundled)

Pointstone File Shredder is a useful tool for people who need to be assured that confidential files are beyond recovery. This is the tool to use for people who have a need to protect personal data and information. It is also intended to make the data unrecoverable while preserving information that is needed by the user.

Pointstone File Shredder employs a data destruction algorithm that is the epitome of sophistication. Even advanced data recovery utilities will be unable to obtain the data deleted. This file shredder program is part of System Cleaner utility offered by Pointstone. This component can be integrated with Windows Explorer.

This program is intended for computer users who are looking for solutions which are far more secure than file deletion. This program is capable of advanced data shredding so that there is no chance for others to uncover the information. Pointstone File Shredder also protects data from any privacy breach.

The user has a number of options to shred confidential files. This tool is easy to use and with one right-click on the mouse while the pointer rests on the folder or file, the utility tab is revealed and shredding commences. Pointstone File Shredder ensures that even if the deleted file remnants are still in the disk, the data contained is inaccessible to anyone.